Smart-Builder are finalists for the G15 glass awards!

Smart Web Tablet G15 3

The Smart-Builder team are thrilled to announce they are finalists for the G15 Component Supplier of the Year, based on the astounding success of their Smart-Web configurators. Smart-Builder is pleased to note that their friends at Regalead have also been nominated and plans are being made to attend the G15 glass awards ceremony at the end of November for what will surely be a memorable evening.

As many now know, Smart-Builder Limited are the only company in the world to offer software for designing a wide range of toughened glass structures. The company has been revolutionizing online selling of backsplashes with Smart-Web, which brings the power of the Smart-Builder glass designers to the internet. For the first time, online customers see a real-time accurate 3D representation of their structure as they build it. All pricing, hardware and glass details come directly from the glass company’s database, so internal users can change pricing and hardware details without needing a web developer. Every structure designed is saved in the database, with complete glass and hardware details, so it can be sent immediately to production or staff can easily follow up on inquiries and make any modifications necessary to complete the sale.

All early Smart-Web adopters reported that their businesses grew significantly, with one company reporting that in less than two years they have more than quadrupled their size to become their country’s largest balustrade and railing supplier. Smart-Builder would love to tell you more but the benefits offered by their software are so significant that in many cases, such as this, their customers would rather their usage remained anonymous lest competitors find out their competitive advantage.

Smart-Web can be installed in public or private mode (with a login system) and is available for the Smart-Backsplash module. Feel free to try them out, while keeping in mind that the appearance, layout, glass and hardware options, and many other settings can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

Contact Smart-Builder’s friendly and knowledgeable sales team to find out more about Smart-Web and other Smart-Builder related products, including their highly praised glass ERP software.