When it comes to glass manufacturing software, Smart-Builder are gamechangers.

Automation on the factory floor is becoming increasingly common for glass fabricators but often the order entry stage is still done manually, slowing the process down. Smart-Glass for Fabricators brings the speed, accuracy and efficiency of online ordering to your glass fabrication factory, eliminating the order entry bottleneck that slows down the whole fabrication process.

If you're thinking of introducing increased automation to your glass processing operation, be sure to read our 'Before Automation' article that appeared in Glass Magazine for advice on some common, but avoidable, automation pitfalls.

How Smart-Glass for Fabricators works

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You can either use Smart-Glass internally to process orders or give your customers access to their own personalized order entry portal. Smart-Glass is incredibly intuitive and easy to use so your customers will be able to pick it up in no time.

From the order portal, your customer will be able to draw up the piece of glass they'd like to order using the interactive, drag-and-drop drawing tool, add cutouts and notches and specify glass types, edge polishing etc.

The drawing comes through to you as a fabrication-ready DXF file, skipping the painful process of interpreting your customers' hand-drawn sketches. Your customer will have a searchable record of all the orders they've placed so they won't be dependent on your admin staff to remember this information for them.

Smart-Glass and your existing setup

You won't need to overhaul your entire fabrication process to use Smart-Glass, you can simply add it as a front-end ordering portal and connect it to your existing production system.

Smart-Glass interfaces with a range of common production systems including LiSEC, GlassTrax, A+W, Opty-Way and more. If your production system isn't integrated by default, creating a bespoke solution may be possible.

Smart-Glass for Fabricators will make your life easier

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The ability for you to set the options and parameters in Smart-Glass for your customers means you won't receive impossible-to-fabricate orders and won't waste time going back and forth to fix the order. If you're a hardware supplier, customers can choose to order their hardware for the job at the same time all in the one order.

Smart-Glass calculates the price of the order as the customer draws so your team don't spend valuable time manually creating quotes for each job. By saving time at the order entry stage, your admin team will be freed up to do more business-critical work. Take more orders without employing more staff and grow your business.

Your customers will love Smart-Glass for Fabricators

Smart-Glass for Fabricators isn't just good for you, it's great for your customers. They will love how quickly they are able to draw up their glass and how fast and easy it is to get orders through to you. Your customers can order with confidence, knowing that the drawing they see on the screen is what will be sent to you, reducing the risk of misinterpretation.

Once you have Smart-Glass up and running in your fabrication business, you'll find orders speeding through to production in no time and nothing makes customers happier than reduced lead times!

Why use glass manufacturing & processing software?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider an order entry portal for your fabrication business, here are just a few:

Glass manufacturing and processing software keeps your customers happy and gives you an opportunity to grow your fabrication business.


Worried that drawing orders in Smart-Glass will be too time consuming? Smart-Glass is actually faster than either CAD or pen and paper. See the Smart-Glass vs. CAD video for yourself.


Testimonial from a glass fabricator:

Switching to Smart-Glass has been a major step forward in how we process customer orders. Our customers can now order simple or complex glass online and these orders are efficiently processed utilizing our existing ERP system. Our customers' feedback has been very positive as it is so easy to use, and our order entry staff only need to check the orders instead of manually entering them. The result has seen a significant improvement in lead time in addition to increased order accuracy.

We would strongly recommend Smart-Glass as an online order entry portal to any glass fabricator that wants increase their productivity and business efficiency.

- National Glass, Australia

Testimonial from a fabricator's customer: 

"I was initially worried about using the program as I’m not what you would call ‘computer savvy’. I soon discovered that there was nothing to worry about. The drag and drop system of creating drawings is so easy, anyone could use it."

- Glasgow Glass, Canada

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