Smart-Glass means Smart-Glazing

Smart Glass Glass Australia

Smart-Builder is pleased to announce their new stand-alone glass designer, Smart-Glass. Complete with a drag-n-drop cutout library and custom shape designer Smart-Glass is set to change the way glass is designed and ordered for good. It is a cloud-based glass designer that can design virtually any piece of glass, and fast! You can choose or design a shape, add your processing and then select your glass unit makeup, whether it is monolithic, tempered, double/triple glazed or a custom laminate. The best part about the designer is that you don’t need to be a CAD or computer expert to use it. A realistic drawing of your glass is displayed and updated on screen in real-time as you design, and you can simply click on the drawing to edit measurements. To add a cutout, all you need to do is drag-and-drop from the cutout library or enter a new cutout on the fly. Meanwhile, an interactive blow-up of the cutout makes for easy editing, even on your tablet or iPad.

Computer aided design is something that is commonplace in glazing businesses nowadays. Whether using a generic CAD drawing tool or something more specialized, the benefits of making the switch to a digital system are impossible to ignore. Organization, precision, and customer perception are all improved drastically, yet traditional CAD tools can be time-consuming and often a trained technician is needed to get good results. There have been many attempts to meet the market need for a simpler tool. But so far they are either, clunky and inaccurate, or linked to expensive high-end machinery that is simply inaccessible to most glazing businesses. Smart-Builder has traditionally specialized in creating cutting edge design tools for frameless glass structures, but realized that there was no simple, easy to use tool, for companies who just want to design and order panel by panel. So Smart-Glass was born. Being a cloud-based system, you can access it from anywhere, see all of your jobs, quote and order on site and even check or approve orders while on the go. Director David Brennan believes that “Smart-Glass will be a game changer for the glass industry. Whether you are a glass manufacturer looking for an order entry portal for your customers or simply an installer who wants to design and order your panels fast, Smart-Glass will be an indispensable tool”.