Recording job details on-the-go just became a whole lot easier with the new Smart-Toolbox Diary & cloud file storage integration

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Yet more new features for Smart-Toolbox – document notes have been converted into a diary complete with all the bells and whistles. Meanwhile, Smart-Toolbox document file storage now integrates with Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. It’s never been easier to record and access job details from site using Smart-Toolbox.

Smart-Toolbox Job Diary

We are excited to introduce the Smart-Toolbox Diary, a significantly enhanced note-taking feature that replaces the Private Notes tab.

With the Diary, you can:

  • Add a text note, image or attachment to each document with the click of a button
  • Pin important entries to the top of the Diary
  • Filter entries by user-entered notes, attachments or automatic log entries
  • Includes a toggle button to also show diary entries for related documents
  • Use the search functionality to quickly find the diary entry you’re looking for
  • See when a document status changed, when reports were printed and more

Cloud file storage integration

In addition to storing Smart-Toolbox documents locally or in a shared directory on your server, you can now store Smart-Toolbox documents in the cloud via Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

Storing your Smart-Toolbox documents in the cloud gives you greater flexibility to work on the road or anywhere you have internet access. We understand that being able to work remotely is a priority for our customers which is why we have introduced this new feature.

The default setting is to store documents locally, so you will need to update your settings if you want to take advantage of the cloud storage option. You can access the document directory through the Diary tab by clicking the Folder icon in the top left.


Talk to the team to find out more about the Job Diary or cloud file storage integration in Smart-Toolbox.