New custom hardware shape designer in the Smart-Builder software suite


Smart-Builder’s software has traditionally been about generating accurate glass sizes, hardware lists and pricing. Of course, the ability to produce realistic 3D drawings has proved a real sales boon to users, by providing a point of difference and conveying a professional appearance. With this in mind, Smart-Builder has further enhanced the 3D drawing capabilities of the software by making it possible to show extrusions as they really are.

Images aid a customer’s understanding of a project and much more so than lines of text do. Put simply, people like to see what they are paying for. Previous versions of Smart-Builder software have combined 3D representations of jobs with photographs that depict each piece of hardware on quotes and order confirmations. These latest enhancements mean that extrusion can be represented directly on 3D images photo-realistically, allowing customers to see it as it really is.

The software’s hardware editor comes equipped with multiple standard shapes to represent the majority of hardware products available. In addition, there is a custom shape generator allowing users to design multi-faceted profiles to represent the myriad other possibilities.

Smart-Builder prices jobs accurately, calculates the glass and hardware, and allows customers to visualize what they will be getting. This leaves business owners with the important job of running their businesses.


Custom shapes allow for almost any hardware item to be accurately represented

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