Keep track of your job progress with Smart-Toolbox

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September 2018 sees the release of two important additions to Smart-Toolbox. The first is a significant enhancement to Smart-Toolbox’s job status tracking, and the second is the introduction of a brand-new reporting dashboard. The result is an intelligent, automatic job-status system that allows business owners to do an instant health check every time they log in, and empowers operations staff to see exactly what needs actioning to keep on top of their tasks.
Below are just some of the new automatic job status fields that have been incorporated…

See when a quote is in draft, when visits are pending, when the quote is ready to send or has been sent to the customer, whether it was won or lost, and more.

Work Order

See when a work order is on hold, if a deposit is outstanding, when the job is in progress, whether visits have been made, and when the job is ready to be fully or partially invoiced.

Purchase Order

See when the purchase order is in draft, ready to send, when it's been sent to the supplier and whether it's awaiting delivery or overdue. 


See when the invoice is in draft, ready-to-send, awaiting payment, retention held, paid/bad debt, and more.
As jobs move through Smart-Toolbox, from Quote to Work Order to Invoice, automatic statuses are calculated. Users can see pending or outstanding tasks within each project, as well as on the new dashboard and via reports. Smart-Builder understands that not every job goes to plan, so users have the ability to manually override each job status individually, ensuring those hard to manage projects stay up-to-date and accurate.
Job Management Dashboard

The new job management dashboard is customizable to allow each user to see what is most relevant to them. For example, the operations manager can keep an eye on day-to-day business processes, with an overview of quote quantities and value, conversion rates, current work, purchases and installation progress. Similarly, the accounts staff can see the number of projects that are ready for invoicing, have payments outstanding and the gross profitability.
We at Smart-Builder firmly believe that Smart-Toolbox is the best glazing job management software on the market, book a demo with the team today to see for yourself. Work smarter, not harder!