Introducing the Smart-Toolbox Dashboard – get an overview of your entire glass business at a glance

Dashboard manywidgets3

Get an overview of your entire glass business at a glance with the new Smart-Toolbox Dashboard!

The Smart-Toolbox Dashboard allows your team to customize their widgets to monitor key metrics relating to their role. For example, your accountant may have ‘Jobs Ready to Invoice’ at the top of their dashboard, whereas the business owner has ‘Quotes Won’ and  ‘Quotes Lost’ for the month.

From the Dashboard, you can click on any of the widgets and be taken to the in-depth report screen for more detail. For example, clicking on the ‘Quotes Awaiting Visit This Month’ widget will bring up the Query Visits report with filters already set to show all jobs with the status ‘Visit Pending’ for the current month.

The Dashboard can be customized to suit your requirements:

  • Create new widgets by selecting a name, data type to query and additional parameters such as the statuses to include and dates
  • Edit existing widgets, such as changing the name or date parameters
  • Select which widgets are displayed on the main screen

Talk to the team to find out more about the Smart-Toolbox Dashboard.