Integration... the way forward!

Wheel of Integration

Integration has always been a big focus at Smart-Builder, but seemingly they are not the only company who see the great benefits integration brings. Bitec, a well-known German software company, are also great believers in creating solutions for increased digital communication between companies. Smart-Builder is proud to have a partnership with Bitec which allows users of the Veras system to import the full glass details of their backsplash designs. Bitec has explained further about the benefits of Smart-Builder integration in this Glaswelt magazine article.

Smart-Builder software interfaces with a number of other software products from producers such as LiSEC, A+W, Bitec, Hanic, MYOB, SAP, Xero, Sage, QuickBooks and Prodim. During the intricate design process of a backsplash, integration allows BOM (such as glass sizes and hardware details) to be transferred directly for production via an export interface. This transfer is done in multiple formats, depending on the target software. If necessary DXF files are used to represent the glass shape.

An interface with Prodim allows measurements taken with the Proliner to be imported as DXF files straight into the Smart-Builder glass design modules. This avoids double handling and thereby reduces errors. Furthermore, sending Smart-Builder customer information, receipts and invoices to accounting software such as MYOB, Xero, Sage and QuickBooks eliminates double entry and frees up personnel to take care of face-to-face customer sales and service instead.

For more information on eliminating duplication in your business with an integrated suite of software please contact their experienced technical sales team.