Glass Australia 2015: Biggest and best to date!

pixabay melbourne

This year’s Glass Australia conference was held in Melbourne at the Pullman Hotel, only a stone’s throw from the historic MCG. Whether it was the stadium that drew the attendees or the fact that Smart-Builder had confirmed early that they would be exhibiting at the show, this year’s conference had a record number of attendees.

The show, overall, was a great success for Smart-Builder. David and Sam were kept busy right through the conference, showing off the new features Smart-Design and Smart-Toolbox have to offer. “Attendees this year agreed that software makes life easier,” said Smart-Builder’s sales manager, Sam Frankland. “People are embracing the paperless office and they are realizing that cloud-based tools can give them a lot more control and, ultimately, more freedom.”

Of particular interest was the new look glass designer. This simple yet effective tool allows users to design both common and complex pieces of glass. They can add custom cut-outs or processing and then select the unit make up, whether it be a single pane, IGU or custom laminate. Glass manufacturers started to realize they can offer this online as a portal for their customers. “If you are running LiSEC or A+W in your factory then using our glass designer to draw up jobs is a no-brainer. You can export directly into your production system and completely remove the need for staff to manually enter orders,” explained David Brennan, Managing Director.

Looking to 2016, Smart-Builder will be putting the icing on the cake for installation companies. A new Smart-Installer/Smart-Glazier app is on the cards and is set to make a huge impact on service-delivery and operations for Smart-Toolbox users. During the show, the Smart-Builder team were introducing the concept to both new and existing customers and the feedback was very positive.


GA15 photo

Demo in action with Sam from Smart-Builder.