Contract management made easy

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Commercial contract work is a fact of life for many mid-sized (or even small) glass installation companies. It is inherently more complex than most residential work because of the larger jobs, additional paperwork and the red tape that comes with it. Yet there is good money to be made from jobs that are managed well.

Smart-Builder specializes in software for the glass and installation industry. They are familiar with the stories of commercial customers refusing to pay for extra costs because they weren’t properly documented. They have heard first-hand about progress claims becoming so complex that installation businesses no longer really know whether they have made a profit or loss.

In response to these issues, Smart-Builder has added a contract management module to their Smart-Toolbox sales and management software. It allows multiple quote revisions to be produced and when a sale is won, the winning revision gets locked down to form the basis of the contract. Thereafter, changes including addition, deletion or amendment of items are made by creating quote variations. Only when a quote variation is accepted and authorization details entered does that variation become part of the contract.

During a contract, two of the biggest issues are tracking progress to identify emerging problems and producing accurate progress claims to invoice completed work. A dedicated contract comparison screen now shows differences between the current contract state and the original quote. Meanwhile, the progress claim screen makes it easy to see how much of the project cost has already been installed, how much has previously been claimed and how much more should be claimed this month.

The glazing industry presents many challenges and increasingly software can assist with solving them. To find out more about Smart-Builder’s solution to these problems, get in touch.