Consolidate and integrate!


flexible workflow imperial 1Most businesses benefit from software of some sort. Unfortunately one of the big problems with software is that a single program seldom does everything. As a business grows it can easily find itself with a software program for sales, a design program for glass calculations, a scheduling program for installations and an accounting package for filing tax returns. By the time a job has been completed the same job data may have been entered into 3 or even 4 systems. This duplicate data entry consumes a massive amount of time and causes further problems down the road if data is misentered, or updates such as new customer contact details are only entered into some systems, leaving the company with conflicting information.

The solution is to consolidate and integrate. For example, a good sales software program will include scheduling functionality, and if it is designed for the glass industry then it may even include glass design capabilities. This allows all three functions to be controlled by a single software package without any double entry.

This reduces our example to two programs, sales/design and accounting. Modern accounting programs such as Xero and MYOB Online offer features like bank feeds, automated reconciliation and online tax filing which glass industry software is unlikely to match. Fortunately, these accounting programs also come with powerful interfaces which allow other software to integrate with them. One can have the best of both worlds with glass sales software which can automatically integrate with a dedicated accounting package.

Smart-Builder Limited are pleased to announce that this result can now be achieved. Their Smart-Toolbox glass sales and design software exports customer and invoice data to Xero and MYOB, then can automatically download outstanding balances once payments have been recorded from your bank feeds. The result is a seamless workflow which saves time and avoids errors.