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Smart-Toolbox lets you manage all aspects of your glass business with one system

Smart-Toolbox is a powerful job management system for running your glass business. It allows you to design, quote, order, schedule, invoice and report from a single system.

Smart-Toolbox has been purpose-built for the glass industry and it understands how glaziers price and quote jobs better than any other software on the market. This overview looks at the main features of Smart-Toolbox.

Why Smart-Toolbox

World leading glass software for installers


Business Knowledge

All your business knowledge at your fingertips. Designed for glass businesses, like yours, and customised for you.



Powerful, market leading tools that support your growth and can scale as you do.


Researching Software

Communicate the power, versatility and return on investment of powerful software solutions.


New Tools

Powerful tools, proven to be effective across the glass industry. The fastest and easiest way to design glass.


Staff Ability

Increase the efficiency of your team. For a fraction of the price of a new hire your whole team can access the tools now.


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Fast, beautiful quotes to help you win more jobs

Smart-Toolbox can quote for any glass or glazing job that you need, including showers, shopfronts, railings, mirrors and window replacements. Any team member can produce accurate and impressive quotes.


Assign your staff to jobs and schedule their time

The scheduling screen allows anyone in your team to see what's going on and easily communicate changes with installers and customers. Drag and drop jobs to easily schedule your team members.


“With Smart-Toolbox our quotes are accurate, more professional and they get out to the customer much quicker.”

Eric Stern - Moffat Glass



Straight to production

Smart-Toolbox will speed up your ordering process and help your team stay on top of their work. Perhaps more importantly, it will help you stay on top of your suppliers. There is no limit to how many purchase orders you can create for each job, and the costs get automatically assigned to the work order, to ensure accurate job costing and margins.

Invoicing & Accounting

Easily generate invoices and sync with your accounting system

Smart-Toolbox will streamline how you manage customer accounts and invoicing. You will be able to generate invoices with the click of a button, produce monthly customer statements, see aging reports, set account types, choose between default or customizable payment terms for each customer and set account credit limits.


“Smart-Toolbox has helped us win more jobs. For us to run the business without Smart-Toolbox would be a huge step back.”

Dylan Mahany - Anderson Glass



Understand and manage your business with advanced reporting

Analyze your business performance quickly and easily with a wide range of reporting tools. You'll get insight into all areas of your business, from daily operations through to margin analysis and productivity. The dashboard can be customised for each role in your business to keep your staff focused on what's important to them.

Job Diary

A centralized hub where your team can store information linked to a job

The job diary lets you keep all that critical information you need to complete a job, in one place, easily accessible by everyone who needs it.

You can store images, supplier quotes, notes, measures, architectural drawings and more.

The job diary is linked through an online file store of your choice.


Job Status

Make life easier for your whole team with clear job statuses

Smart-Toolbox uses job statuses to make it easy to understand the status of each job you're working on. These are linked across each stage of the job and also update automatically as you complete stages.

Combined with our dashboard system, you'll always know where a job is and what needs to be done next.

It's time to get started with Smart-Toolbox

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It's time to get started with Smart-Toolbox

The easiest way to see what Smart-Toolbox can do for your glass business is to talk to our team and arrange a custom demonstration. Our team can show you the features that will help your business the most and answer all your questions.