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Add the tools missing from your current software

Order entry and drawing tools for you and your customers

Smart-Glass is the ideal add-on to set your business up for success. With powerful drawing tools that you can make available to your customers, it's the easiest way to add a glass-specific order entry system to your business.

Cloud-based for access anywhere

Smart-Glass acts as an online portal where your customers can place and view their orders. Using a dedicated login, your customers will be able to draw, price, and place their glass order with you in a matter of minutes. You will receive a production-ready glass order that only needs a simple sanity check before being sent to production.

How it Works

Smart-Glass Enterprise is a complete solution

Good for Fabricators

  • No more impossible-to-fabricate designs. Built-in glass processing rules warn customers of potential problems.
  • Reduce mistakes. Drawings arrive ready for production, eliminating the error-prone process of redraws
  • Less admin work. Customers see the price of their order instantly, so you don’t have to spend valuable time manually quoting jobs.
  • Grow your business. Time saved at the order entry stage means more orders can be taken without the need to employ more staff

Good for Customers

  • Faster than CAD or paper. Smart-Glass has been tested against both and is faster every time.
  • Order with confidence. Customers know that what they see on screen is what they will get.
  • No lost paperwork. Customers have a record of what they ordered and when they ordered it, and can quickly re-order when needed.
  • Fast, accurate orders. Reduced lead times and faster production make for happy customers.
Smart-Glass makes glass design easy

Why Smart-Glass

Integrate with the glass fabrication software specialists



Powerful, market-leading tools that support your growth and can scale as you do.


Researching Software

Communicate the power, versatility, and return on investment of powerful software solutions.


New Tools

Powerful tools, proven to be effective across the glass industry. The fastest and easiest way to design glass.


Staff Ability

Increase the efficiency of your team. For a fraction of the price of a new hire your whole team can access the tools now.

Smart-Glass is an easy to use drawing tool


Streamline order entry with an easy to use drawing tool

Delays at the order entry stage can slow down the entire glass manufacturing process. With Smart-Glass, customers can draw and place their orders with you in a production-ready format, meaning orders get through to production quickly. This can reduce lead time by a day or more. The whole process is faster and means more orders can be taken without the need to employ more staff.

Smart-Glass has been tested drawing glass against CAD and paper and is significantly faster than both. Time-saving features include user customisable cutout and panel libraries, drag-and-drop cutouts, one-click edge work and easy cloning of glass panels. Drawings are interactive, meaning the user can click on dimensions to change them.


An accurate cost for every order

Smart-Glass can be loaded with all your costs, so while your customer draws, prices are calculated automatically in the background. The software understands shape surcharges and tracks exactly how many notches, holes and lineal feet of edge work are required, as your customer designs each panel.

You can set the pricing for each customer individually in their order portal, so there’s no additional work if you have different rates for different customers.

Smart-Glass is accurate

“Switching to Smart-Glass has been a major step forward in how we process customer orders. Our customers can now order simple or complex glass online.”

National Glass

Glass Fabrication Software


Drawings arrive ready for fabrication

Reduce your turnaround time — drawings come from your customers fabrication-ready, eliminating the need for time-consuming redraws.

Smart-Glass is also ideal for internal order entry of hand-drawn faxes or emails from customers who are not yet ordering online. You can even import DXF/DWG glass profiles from customers designing railings with AutoCAD/SolidWorks. Save time, reduce mistakes and export directly to fabrication.


Export to PDF, DXF or straight to fabrication

Integrate with your cutting tables by exporting to Opty-Way, or go straight to CNC/Waterjet with machine-ready CAD files.

Smart-Glass integrates

Get started with Smart-Glass Enterprise

It's time to get started with Smart-Glass Enterprise

The easiest way to see what Smart-Glass Enterprise can do for your business is to talk to our team and arrange a custom demonstration. Our team can show you the features that will help your business the most and answer all your questions.