Job management software keeps your glass business running smoothly, so you can concentrate on more important things.

For many of the glass businesses we talk to, the amount of time they spend on job management and trying to understand what is happening in their business is disproportionate to the amount of time spent on carrying out paid work. Smart-Toolbox can help you turn this around — spend time on income-generating, business-critical work whilst jobs progress smoothly through a robust job management system, complete with in-depth reporting to help you better understand your business.

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Spend less time planning, more time doing

Often job management ends up taking more time than the job itself. Whilst it's essential, it isn't generating revenue in and of itself so finding ways to make this process more efficient is critical.

Smart-Toolbox connects all the elements of a job together so it's easy to view job progression, see what still needs to be done and take action accordingly. From the Work-In-Progress screen, you can access quotes, work orders, invoices, the scheduling tool and more. Clicking on one item highlights linked documents so if you click on an invoice in the Work-In-Progress list, the associated quote and work order will be highlighted.

Save even more time by using one of accounting interfaces to connect Smart-Toolbox to Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB and more.

business overview at a glanceGet a bird's eye view of your business at a glance

Smart-Toolbox's powerful reporting features make it easy to see what is happening in your business, crucial to making well-informed decisions about business strategy.

Report with ease on:

Among many other reportable fields.

Having access to quality data and up-to-date reports will allow you to make informed decisions about:

Take the guesswork out of your decision making and start tracking progress in your glass business with Smart-Toolbox.

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