Running your flat glass business 

Smart-Toolbox is software designed specifically for the flat glass industry. We work closely with our customers to ensure our software meets their needs and is consistently at the forefront of innovation.

Smart-Toolbox is designed to manage all aspects of your flat glass business:

Why should I use Smart-Toolbox over general point-of-sale software?

Flat glass can be a tricky business. Sometimes jobs progress smoothly from enquiry to quote, quote to glass order, order to installation, installation to invoicing and payment but those jobs are the exception rather than the rule.

Realistically, flat glass projects often proceed in stages, requiring multiple quote revisions, site visits and partial payments. This is where Smart-Toolbox is so powerful, it understands the way you work so you don't have to spend valuable time adapting the software to your business or worse — adapting your business to the software.

Smart-Toolbox understands glass pricing in a way generic point-of-sales (POS) systems don't. Pricing can be for each lineal foot of glass, processing costs, hardware, labor time, line items, shipping costs and more. You can also set different prices for different customers should you need to. You'll have a standardized pricing structure for all flat glass projects across your business in no time.

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Glass drawing & design

Smart-Toolbox comes with Smart-Glass, an easy-to-use glass drawing tool that can handle complex shapes and cutouts. Use an existing shape in the library as a starting point or go completely custom and build a panel based on your measurements, Smart-Glass is highly flexible and intuitive.

Features of Smart-Glass:

Smart-Glass has all of those features yet it is faster at drawing glass than either CAD or pen and paper — see the Smart-Glass vs. CAD video here.

Smart-Toolbox with Smart-Glass is a flat glass software package with the complex needs of flat glass businesses in mind. 

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