Smart-Balustrade is licensed for use by C.R. Laurence in North America. Please contact them to arrange a free trial of HandRails Online.

We have a range of other glass software solutions that we can offer as stand-alone packages or in conjunction with C.R. Laurence.

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Smart-Toolbox lets you draw any piece of glass

Our Smart-Balustrade module is available through C.R Laurence in North America but if you are looking for glass software that will let you draw any piece of glass using drag-and-drop cutouts and interactive editing, why not try Smart-Toolbox? It includes a powerful and versatile glass drawing program as well as a suite of tools to help you manage every aspect of your glass business.

Smart Toolbox - glass software for glaziers and glass installers
Smart-Shower - design software for frameless glass showers

Smart-Shower Module

The Smart-Shower module is available in Smart-Toolbox and Smart-Glass Enterprise

If you're looking for the power of Showers Online® but integrated into your business management system - we have a unique solution for you.

Smart-Toolbox can be integrated with Showers Online® and the free Smart-Glazier App, giving you the ultimate shower design package.

For glass fabricators, Smart-Glass Enterprise can also be integrated with Showers Online®and Smart-Glazier. If you're receiving Showers Online® orders this means even faster processing, more accuracy and fewer resources required.


Sell showers on your website 24/7

Smart-Web can be easily added to your current website and you can start taking enquiries for showers instantly.

Your customers can design their dream shower and see it come to life in front of their eyes. Once they're happy with the design they've created the enquiry is sent to you for review.

You'll be getting new leads even when the shop is closed. To see what Smart-Web can do for your glass business, book a demo with the Smart-Builder team.

smart web - sell showers on your website 24/7
smart glazier app - the best way to measure showers and manage your team

Smart-Glazier App

Never lose a shower measurement sheet again!

When your team start using the free Smart-Glazier App to capture their shower measurements out in the field, you will see a transformation across your business.

For glass fabricators who are sick of receiving hand-drawn measurements on scraps of paper, missing details and wasting time checking numbers - Smart-Glazier will transform the way you do business.

Find out what Smart-Builder glass software can do for you

The easiest way to see what we can do for your glass business is to talk to our team and arrange a custom demonstration.

Our team can show you the features that will help your business the most and answer all your questions.